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What do we really know about Sajith Premadasa?

Truth be told, nobody really knows the answer to this very important question. But we should know things about him, and we should ask these very important questions, given that we’re talking about a Presidential candidate supported by one of the biggest political parties in Sri Lanka. Sajith is a career politician who was prompted up by his party as some sort of a legacy of his late father, he never really distinguished himself as a leader or a patriot, no – he simply rode the wave of imaginary success whilst enriching himself with the help of the taxpayer’s money. Despite being in politics since 1994, Sajith only held the junior positions of Deputy Minister of Health and Minister of Housing, both of which are usually assigned to politicians that are either at the start of their political career or who have been marginalized by their own political party. So, what makes him qualified for the position of President, except his name?

No experience whatsoever, a dubious background that has been kept away from the public’s eye, a total lack of integrity and honesty – all in all, Sajith Premadasa is nothing short but a fraud, one prompted up by his own political party as the leader that can be exploited by his peers with little to no difficulty, the perfect Manchurian candidate that can be easily controlled by the elite. Is this what we want for Sri Lanka? Is this the type of man that we need as a President?

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